Guide to  

                          the Genetics of

                  Polycythaemia Vera (Rubra)


                  Essential Thrombocythaemia

                              'PV & ET'

This website is for people with PV, ET, or just a positive JAK2 V617F test result and for anyone interested in learning more about these diseases. This website looks carefully at the possible link between this set of conditions and a 'Maternal Age Effect' and 'Mitochondrial Haplogroup'. I have written a paper that looks in detail as to how PV might be an inherited disease. This paper is now available: Is Polycythaemia Vera a maternally transmissible disease ? An Opportunity to Contribute: If you wish to help, please consider sharing a few of your family details and any mitochondrial haplotype label you may have had given. All your details will be very useful ... for more information:

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