Guide to  

                          the Genetics of

                  Polycythaemia Vera (Rubra)


                  Essential Thrombocythaemia

                              'PV & ET'

Maternal Age

If Polycythaemia is indeed inherited down the maternal line, then it might be expected there will be a correlation with PV & ET and the age of the mother age at the time of the person's birth. This would occur as a PV/ET clone expands slowly over the years. So, the older a woman is when she has a child, the greater the chance the clone is passed on. This 'maternal age effect' is expected in every member of the ancestral maternal line; i.e. the mother, the grandmother, the great grandmother, etc. In general an age of 25 years and over might be considered to be significant. Most people are able to trace their maternal lines back a few generations and it will be good if details can be added to the list below: Type Identifier Age of maternal line members at birth of child (mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc.) PV 'DC' 36     31     34     30     26 PV 'CK' 27     30     35     26     26 Do you have details that can be added here ?