Haplogroup R30.

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Haplogroup R30 tree
Haplogroup R30 is found in the Indian sub-continent.

The details of sequences are: 

 1. Palanichamy   A57.JS   AY714032(India)
 2. Palanichamy   A72.JS   AY714047(India) 
 3. Palanichamy   A75.JS   AY714050(India)

 4. Behar2008     A1.JS    EF556148

 5. Chaubey       A4.JS    FJ004807(CoB23)
 6. Chaubey       A21.JS   FJ004824(Sin49)
 7. Chaubey       A24.JS   FJ004827(Pun47)

    Palanichamy            AY714001(India)
    Phan          A3.JS    DQ834254(Vietnam)

All sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G

- and for Haplogroup R30:
- G8584A 
- T152C is variable
- excluding variations at 309 & 315 and 522/3, 16183/16193
- and 16519

the mutation lists are:

 1. Palanichamy   A57.JS  AY714032(India)
G2056A   A3159T   3160.A   G3316A   A4225G   T4232C   G5237A   T5442C 
G6764A   C7274T   A9156G   A9242G   G9966A   C11047A  T11506C  T12714C 
C13758T  T15055C  T16126C  A16181G  T16209C  T16362C 

 2. Palanichamy   A72.JS  AY714047(India) 
A257G    C299A    A302C    A373G    T480C    C1185T   G1598A   T4062C  
A4225G   A5836G   T6413C   T7268G   A7490G   A8805G   T9174C   C10631A 
T11009C  G12406A  A13236G  C14194T  G14305A  C15307T  G15927A  T16172C 
T16189C  C16261T  T16298C  A16299G

 3. Palanichamy   A75.JS  AY714050(India)
C114T    C299A    A302C    A373G    T480C    G1598A   T4062C   A4225G  
G4991A   G5147A   A5836G   T7268G   A7490G   A8805G   T9174C   C10631A 
T11009C  G12406A  A13236G  A13857G  C14194T  G14305A  A14417G  A14750G 
C15307T  G15323A  G16129A  T16189C  T16298C  A16299G 

 4. Behar2008     A1.JS    EF556148             R30
A373G    T3335C   C6290T   C7280T   A7843G   A13539G  T14000A  G15148A 
C16292T  A16497G  

 5.  Chaubey      A4.JS    FJ004807(CoB23)      R30   
C150T    C6290T   C7280T   A7843G   G11016A  C11863T  A13539G  G15148A 
C16286T  C16292T 

 6. Chaubey       A21.JS    FJ004824(Sin49)     R30a
G709A    G2056A   A2245G   G3316A   T4232C   T5442C   G6764A   G9142A  
A9156G   C9183T   A9242G   C9869G   G9986A   T10248C  C11047A  T12714C 
T13161C  A13773G  T15055C  T16172C  C16278T  

 7. Chaubey       A24.JS   FJ004827(Pun47)      R30b
C299A    A302C    A373G    T480C    G1598A   T4062C   A4225G   C4951T  
T4977C   C5099T   A5836G   T7268G   A7490G   A8805G   T9174C   C9277G  
C10631A  T11009C  G12406A  A13236G  A13857G  C14194T  G14305A  C15307T 
T16092C  T16189C  T16298C  A16299G 

 Palanichamy              AY714001(India)
A73G T152C A263G 315.1C C522- A523- A750G A1438G G2056A A2706G G3316A T4232C 
A4769G T5442C C6164T G6764A C7028T G8584A A8860G A9156G A9242G G10688A C11047A 
G11719A T12714C T13474C C14766T T15055C A15326G T16519C 

 Palanichamy              AY714006(India)
A73G T195C A214G A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G C2331A A2706G C4025T A4769G T5074C 
A6125G C7028T A8508G G8584A A8860G G11719A C12603T T14374C C14766T A15326G 
A15799G A15924G C16186T C16192T T16288C C16291T T16311C G16390A T16519C 

 Palanichamy              AY714019(India)
A73G T195C T217C G228A A263G 309.1C 315.1C A750G T1291C A1438G A2706G A4769G 
A5894G C7028T G8584A A8860G T8889C T11075C G11719A C12133T T12285C A13391G 
C14058T C14766T T15067C C15100T A15326G G16129A G16213A G16274A G16319A 
T16362C G16390A T16519C 

 Phan          A3.JS       DQ834254(Vietnam) (263 14766)                        R30
A210G    T216G    C522.    A523.    A1789G   A6012G   A6575G   A6659G   T6706G
T6707A   C6805T   C6960T   T7546C   G8584A   T9950C   A10398G  T11204C  A15235G
G16129A  T16189C  T16249C  T16519C