Haplogroup R1.

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Haplogroup R1 tree
Haplogroup R1 is found in the Indian sub-continent.

The details of sequences are:

  1. Palanichamy  A70.JS      AY714045(India)

  2. Pereira      A19.JS      EF177423(Portugal)
  3. Grzybowski    A12.JS     EF222243
  4. Grzybowski    A13.JS     EF222244
  5. Grzybowski    A45.JS     EU545437(Russia)
  6. Grzybowski    A53.JS     EU545445(Russia)
  7. Grzybowski    A57.JS     EU545449(Russia)

All sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G  T16519C

- and for Haplogroup R1:

C295A    T1391C   A3360G   A4026G   A4917G   C5586T   A5823G   C6557T 
T6671C   A7424G   T7547C   T8388C   A8887G   A10658G  A10825G  C13948T 
C14632T  T15721C  T16311C

- excluding variations at 309 & 315 and 522/3
- and 16519

the mutation lists are:

 1. Palanichamy  A70.JS   AY714045(India)
G3337A   A5378G   C12064T  G14323A  C16176T   

 2. Pereira       A19.JS     EF177423(Portugal)
C150T    A189G    T195C    T8288C   T10907C  T16288C

 3. Grzybowski    A12.JS     EF222243
A5378G   G6261A   A13105G  G13368A  T14968C   

 4. Grzybowski    A13.JS     EF222244
A5378G   G6261A   A13105G  G13368A  C14632T  T16090C 

 5. Grzybowski    A45.JS     EU545437(Russia)   R1a
523.C    523.A    A574G    A5378G   A9425G   A13105G  G13368A  

 6. Grzybowski    A53.JS     EU545445(Russia)   R1
G15497A  C16278T   

 7. Grzybowski    A57.JS     EU545449(Russia)   R1a
645.A    A5378G   G6261A   C6557T   A13105G  G13368A