Haplogroup P.

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Haplogroup P tree

This haplogroup is found in the Pacific area.

All the sequences have 15607G

Here are sequences for this haplogroup:

 1. Ingman        A40.JS    AF347002(PNGCoast)
 2. Ingman        A42.JS    AF347004(PNHHigh)
 3. Ingman        A43.JS    AF347005(PNGHigh)

 4. Ingman_gyll   A2.JS     AY289052(Australian)
 5. Ingman_gyll   A3.JS     AY289053(Australian)
 6. Ingman_gyll   A4.JS     AY289054(Australian)
 7. Ingman_gyll   A5.JS     AY289055(Australian)
 8. Ingman_gyll   A7.JS     AY289057(Australia)
 9. Ingman_gyll   A13.JS    AY289063(Australia)
10. Ingman_gyll   A14.JS    AY289064(Australia)
11. Ingman_gyll   A15.JS    AY289065(Australia)
12. Ingman_gyll   A34.JS    AY289084(PNGHigh)
13. Ingman_gyll   A36.JS    AY289086(PNGHigh)
14. Ingman_gyll   A37.JS    AY289087(PNGHigh)
15. Ingman_gyll   A38.JS    AY289088(PNGHigh)
16. Ingman_gyll   A41.JS    AY289091(PNGHigh)
17. Ingman_gyll   A42.JS    AY289092(PNGHigh)

18. Pierson       A3.JS     DQ372870(Papua NG)
19. Pierson       A5.JS     DQ372872(Papua NG)

20. Pellekaan     A5.JS     DQ404444.3(Australia)
21. Pellekaan     A7.JS     DQ404446.3(Australia)

22. Kivisild      (4)A2.JS  DQ112897(Oceania)

23. Hunjasgov     A2.JS     EF495215(PNG)
24. Hunjasgov     A8.JS     EF495221(PNG)

25. Hartmann      A22.JSEU597507(Papua NG HGDP00546)  P1

The sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G 
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G  T16519C 
- excluding changes at 309 & 315

- excluding changes at 522 & 523

- excluding changes at 16183-16193

- variation of 16519

Haplogroup P1 has: C6077T
Haplogroup P2 has: A3203G
Haplogroup P3 has: G6734A
Haplogroup P4 has: A10398G
Haplogroup P5 has: G7419A
Haplogroup P6 has: T6719C
Haplogroup P7 has: C2283T

the mutation lists are:

 1. Ingman        A40.JS    AF347002(PNGCoast)        P1
T212C    523.C    523.A    G1719A   C6077T   G6324A   G6366A   T7645C
G8764A   T10118C  T10253C  G11611A  A13927T  C14097T  A15607G  C16176T
A16235G  C16266T  T16357C  C16439A 

 2. Ingman        A42.JS   AF347004(PNGHigh)          P1
T212C    T480C    C3699T   A4994G   C6077T   G6366A   G8269A   T10118C
C12346T  T12879C  T13641C  T14374C  A15607G  A15924G  C16176T  T16189C
C16223T  A16235G  C16257T  C16266T  C16270T  C16354T  T16357C 

 3. Ingman        A43.JS    AF347005(PNGHigh)         P1
T152C    T212C    C5330A   C6077T   T10118C  T10790C  A12850G  A13722G
T14470C  T14971C  A15607G  C16111A  C16169T  C16266T  C16294T  T16357C 

 4. Ingman_gyll   A2.JS     AY289052(Australian)      P3
T125C    T127C    C128T    573.C    573.C    573.C    C1048T   T3645C
G4659A   T5420C   C5899.   T6378C   G6734A   G8075A   A13651G  C14338T
G15077A  T15090C  T15191C  A15607G  T15748C  T15889C  A15937T  G16145A
C16278T  T16297C

 5. Ingman_gyll   A3.JS     AY289053(Australian)      P6
C271T    A4745G   A4976G   T6719C   C7010T   G8152A   T10034C  G11176A
C11348T  A11928G  C13545T  C14668T  T14871C  C14923T  C14947T  T15378C 
A15607G  G15930A  T16172C  C16193T  C16245T  C16278T  T16311C  T16362C

 6. Ingman_gyll   A4.JS     AY289054(Australian)      P7
T152C    A374G    G1598A   C2283T   G6249A   A7325G   G8387A   G10373A
T10810C  A12026G  T12235C  A12361G  T14502C  A15607G  A15613G  C16148T

 7. Ingman_gyll   A5.JS     AY289055(Australian)      P6
T204C    G207A    G3010A   C3306T   T6632C   T6719C   G7805A   C8562T
A8577G   G12795A  C12973T  G13135A  T14308C  C14385A  A15607G  C16148T
A16170C  C16256T  C16270T  T16311C  C16355T  T16362C 

 8. Ingman_gyll   A7.JS     AY289057(Australia)       P4
C591A    G1719A   G3010A   T5075C   G5237A   A5276G   A6881G   A8563G
C10088T  A10398G  G10914A  G11016A  C11288T  G12007A  A15607G  A16258C
T16263C  G16274A  C16291T  C16337T  T16362C

 9. Ingman_gyll   A13.JS    AY289063(Australia)       P5
T152C    G7419A   T7657C   T9509C   G12406A  C12831T  G13368A  T15412C
A15607G  T15970C  C16192T  T16311C

10. Ingman_gyll   A14.JS    AY289064(Australia)       P4
C548T    A574G    C1619T   A3987G   G5460A   G7337A   G7340A   A8158G
A8389G   T8749C   C10192A  A10398G  G10914A  C10933G  G11016A  C11288T
A15244G  A15607G  G15884C  T16249C  G16274A  C16291T  A16312G  A16371G

11. Ingman_gyll   A15.JS    AY289065(Australia)       P3
T125C    T127C    C128T    573.C    573.C    573.C    573.C    573.C 
573.C    G2056A   T3645C   T4218C   C5899.   G6734A   T8383C   T11339C 
T11864C  A13651G  C14338T  T14767C  C15523T  A15607G  T15748C  A15937T 
G16145A  C16278T 

12. Ingman_gyll   A34.JS    AY289084(PNGHigh)         P2
G103A    G143A    C1375T   A3203G   G3882A   A4122G   C4892T   G8572A
C8859T   A14890G  A15607G  C16188T  C16278T  T16357C  T16468C  A16497G

13. Ingman_gyll   A36.JS    AY289086(PNGHigh)         P1
T125C    T127C    T195C    A339G    C2359T   C4017T   C6077T   G8865A
T10118C  A11473G  A11807G  C12603T  T12842C  A13105G  A13269G  T15479C
A15607G  C16176T  C16266T  C16287T  C16294T  T16357C

14. Ingman_gyll   A37.JS    AY289087(PNGHigh)         P1
T212C    523.C    523.A    C3699T   C6077T   G6366A   G8269A   C9257T
T10118C  C12346T  T12879C  T14180C  A15607G  C16176T  C16257T  C16266T
C16270T  C16354T  T16357C

15. Ingman_gyll   A38.JS    AY289088(PNGHigh)         P2
G103A    G143A    C1375T   A3203G   G3882A   A4122G   G8572A   C8859T 
A14890G  A15607G  C16188T  C16278T  T16357C  A16497G

16. Ingman_gyll   A41.JS    AY289091(PNGHigh)         P3
T127C    C128T    T236C    C522.    A523.    573.C    573.C    573.C   
A942G    T1834C   T2010C   T3645C   C5972T   T6253C   G6734A   A6770G   
A6929G   T12121C  T13020C  T13641C  G13708A  C13934T  C14338T  A15061G
T15454C  A15607G  T15748C  A15937T  G16145A

17. Ingman_gyll   A42.JS    AY289092(PNGHigh)         P1
T212C    T629C    C6077T   G8485A   C8841T   T10118C  T12338C  C12346T
T12414C  A13269G  A15133G  T15514C  A15607G  C16176T  C16266T  C16291T
C16292T  A16335G  T16357C

18. Pierson       A3.JS     DQ372870(Papua NG)        P2
T152C    A3203G   G3882A   A4122G   A5423G   G8572A   C8859T   G11914A
A14890G  A15607G

19. Pierson       A5.JS     DQ372872(Papua NG)        P2
T152C    A3203G   G3882A   A4122G   A5423G   G8572A   C8859T   G11914A
A12026G  A14890G  A15607G

20. Pellekaan     A5.JS     DQ404444.3(Australia)     P4
C591A    G1719A   G3010A   T4688C   A4976G   A5276G   G6260A   A6881G
C10088T  A10398G  G10914A  G11016A  C11288T  C13132T  A13419G  A15607G
G16274A  C16291T  C16320T  C16337T  T16362C

21. Pellekaan     A7.JS     DQ404446.3(Australia)     P
T152C    G3391A   G5237A   G7805A   T8167C   T8614C   A11065G  T11353C
A11404G  T12414C  G12756A  G15110A  T15511C  G15521C  A15607G  C16176T
A16241T  C16261T  T16362C

22. Kivisild      (4)A2.JS  DQ112897(Oceania)         P2
G709A    A3203G   G3882A   A4122G   T4384C   C8578T   C8859T   C9293T
T10118C  A14890G  G15355A  A15607G 

23. Hunjasgov     A2.JS     EF495215(PNG)             P2
G143A    T146C    T195C    A3203G   G3882A   A4122G   T4907C   A7298G 
T8222C   G8572A   C8859T   A14890G  A15607G  T16086C  C16278T  T16325C 

24. Hunjasgov     A8.JS     EF495221(PNG)             P4
A73G     T152C    A178G    T507C    A517G    G1719A   G3915A   T4216C 
C4814T   G5460A   A6647G   G7852A   G8557A   A9587G   G9755A   C10271T 
A10398G  T10463C  A11167G  A11641G  A12358G  G13135A  C13468T  T14512C 
A14696G  G15314A  A15607G  G16048A  T16243C  G16319A 

25. Hartmann      A22.JSEU597507(Papua NG HGDP00546)  P1
T212C    G709A    C5969T   C6077T   A9033G   G9055A   G9554A   T10118C 
G11711R  C12191T  C12346T  T13020C  G15355A  A15607G  C16176T  T16189Y 
C16266T  C16270T  G16319A  T16357C