Haplogroup H3.

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Haplogroup H3 tree

Haplogroup H3 is a large European group.

The details of the sequences are:

 1. Achilli     A44.JS     AY738983(Italy)
 2. Achilli     A45.JS     AY738984(Italy)
 3. Achilli     A46.JS     AY738985(Italy)
 4. Achilli     A47.JS     AY738986(Italy)
 5. Achilli     A48.JS     AY738987(Spain)
 6. Achilli     A49.JS     AY738988(Italy)
 7. Achilli     A50.JS     AY738989(Spain)
 8. Achilli     A51.JS     AY738990(Italy)
 9. Achilli     A52.JS     AY738991(Spain)
10. Achilli     A53.JS     AY738992(Georgia)

11. Coble       (1)A32.JS  AY495121(European)
12. Coble       (1)A36.JS  AY495125(European)
13. Coble       (1)A41.JS  AY495130(European)
14. Coble       (1)A42.JS  AY495131(European)
15. Coble       (1)A43.JS  AY495132(European)
16. Coble       (1)A48.JS  AY495137(European)
17. Coble       (1)A53.JS  AY495142(European)
18. Coble       (1)A59.JS  AY495148(European)
19. Coble       (2)A6.JS   AY495155(European)
20. Coble       (2)A7.JS   AY495156(European)
21. Coble       (2)A28.JS  AY495177(European)
22. Coble       (2)A31.JS  AY495180(European)

23. Mishmar     A2.JS      AY195746(Caucasian)
24. Mishmar     A8.JS      AY195752(Caucasian)

25. Moilanen    (1)A6.JS   AY339407(Finland)
26. Moilanen    (2)A7.JS   AY339408(Finland)

27. Herrnstadt  (1)A16.JS  mtDNA17(Europe)     
28. Herrnstadt  (1)A51.JS  mtDNA53(Europe)     
29. Herrnstadt  (2)A21.JS  mtDNA93(Europe)       
30. Herrnstadt  (2)A56.JS  mtDNA132(Europe)
31. Herrnstadt  (2)A64.JS  mtDNA146(Europe)
32. Herrnstadt  (3)A10.JS  mtDNA204(Europe)
33. Herrnstadt  (3)A29.JS  mtDNA239(Europe)
34. Herrnstadt  (3)A69.JS  mtDNA284(Europe)
35. Herrnstadt  (3)A70.JS  mtDNA285(Europe)
36. Herrnstadt  (4)A2.JS   mtDNA288(Europe)
37. Herrnstadt  (4)A46.JS  mtDNA340(Europe)
38. Herrnstadt  (5)A32.JS  mtDNA426(Europe)
39. Herrnstadt  (5)A52.JS  mtDNA451(Europe)
40. Herrnstadt  (5)A54.JS  mtDNA453(Europe)
41. Herrnstadt  (5)A62.JS  mtDNA462(Europe)
42. Herrnstadt  (6)A2.JS   mtDNA473(Europe)
43. Herrnstadt  (6)A4.JS   mtDNA475(Europe)
44. Herrnstadt  (6)A32.JS  mtDNA503(Europe)
45. Herrnstadt  (6)A36.JS  mtDNA507(Europe)
46. Herrnstadt  (6)A51.JS  mtDNA523(Europe)
47. Herrnstadt  (6)A56.JS  mtDNA528(Europe)
48. Herrnstadt  (6)A61.JS  mtDNA534(Europe)

49. Kivisild    (4)A34.JS  DQ112929.2(Asia)
50. Fraumene    A4.JS      DQ523622(Sardinia)
51. Fraumene    A5.JS      DQ523623(Sardinia)
52. Fraumene    A7.JS      DQ523625(Sardinia)
53. Fraumene    A8.JS      DQ523626(Sardinia)
54. Fraumene    A21.JS     DQ523639(Sardinia)
55. Fraumene    A25.JS     DQ523643(Sardinia)
56. Faumene     A29.JS     DQ523647(Sardinia)
57. Fraumene    A34.JS     DQ523652(Sardinia)
58. Fraumene    A43.JS     DQ523661(Sardinia)
59. Fraumene    A44.JS     DQ523662(Sardinia)
60. Fraumene    A47.JS     DQ523665(Sardinia)
61. Fraumene    A50.JS     DQ523668(Sardinia)
62. Fraumene    A54.JS     DQ523672(Sardinia)
63. Fraumene    A56.JS     DQ523674(Sardinia)      
64. Fraumene    A57.JS     DQ523675(Sardinia)
65. Fraumene    A62.JS     DQ523680(Sardinia)

66. Gasparre1   A27.JS     EF660938(Italy)
67. Gasparre2   A2.JS      EF660964(Italy) (incomplete)
68. Gasparre2   A48.JS     EF661010(Italy)
69. Gasparre2   A50.JS     EF661012(Italy)

70. FTDNA2      A21.JS     EU150187

Changes from CRS of:

A263G  A750G  A1438G  A4769G  A8860G  A15326G

and various insertions at 309 & 315, and variability of 16519

And, for haplogroup H3


 1. Achilli       A44.JS     AY738983(Italy)
A73G    A761G     T14325C

 2. Achilli       A45.JS     AY738984(Italy)
A93G    A95C      A1555G  T8258C  A15902G

 3. Achilli       A46.JS     AY738985(Italy)
A93G    G5471A    T14798C

 4. Achilli       A47.JS     AY738986(Italy)
T152C   T4679C    T12879C  T13404C  A14152G  C16239G  T16311C

 5. Achilli       A48.JS     AY738987(Spain)

 6. Achilli       A49.JS     AY738988(Italy)
A183G    G709A    A2581G  T3387G   C5911T

 7. Achilli       A50.JS     AY738989(Spain)
A1555G   C16234T

 8. Achilli       A51.JS     AY738990(Italy)
T72C     C150T    A1536G   T10667C  T12957C  A14467G

 9. Achilli       A52.JS     AY738991(Spain)
T195C    A1555G   T12957C  T14200C  C16176T 

10. Achilli       A53.JS     AY738992(Georgia)

11. Coble         (1)A32.JS  AY495121(European)
T152C    A11182G  A15758G 

12. Coble        (1)A36.JS  AY495125(European)
T152C    C3992T   T4418C   G5772A  A10754C 

13. Coble         (1)A41.JS  AY495130(European)
T152C    A11590G  A12217G  A14687G 

14. Coble         (1)A42.JS  AY495131(European)
T152C    G3640A   C5213T   C5893T

15. Coble         (1)A43.JS  AY495132(European)
T152C    A10754C 

16. Coble         (1)A48.JS  AY495137(European)
T152C    C3970T   G12236A

17. Coble         (1)A53.JS  AY495142(European)
T152C    T4823C   A10754C  A15244G

18. Coble         (1)A59.JS  AY495148(European)
A2581G   G16129A

19. Coble         (2)A6.JS   AY495155(European)
A2581G   T6638C   G16129A

20. Coble         (2)A7.JS   AY495156(European)
A8470G   G16129A

21. Coble         (2)A28.JS  AY495177(European)
A73G     T3200C   T7148C   G10310A  T13896C

22. Coble         (2)A31.JS  AY495180(European)
A73G     A761G

23. Mishmar       A2.JS      AY195746.2(Caucasian)
G143A    G228A    T3202C   T7193C   C7194T   T9325C   T16362C 

24. Mishmar       A8.JS      AY195752(Caucasian) 
C1290T   A2581G   C9105T   A15218C  G16129A  C16256T

25. Moilanen      (1)A6.JS   AY339407(Finland)
G5824A   T8705C   T16311C

26. Moilanen      (2)A7.JS   AY339408(Finland)
G5824A   T8705C   T16311C

27. Herrnstadt    (1)A16.JS  mtDNA17(Europe)

28. Herrnstadt    (1)A51.JS  mtDNA53(Europe)
A2581G   G4924A   A9852G

29. Herrnstadt    (2)A21.JS  mtDNA93(Europe)
T13404C  C13464T  C14125T

30. Herrnstadt    (2)A56.JS  mtDNA132(Europe)
T3394C   G9196A   G10646A  A10754C  G15928A

31. Herrnstadt    (2)A64.JS  mtDNA146(Europe)

32. Herrnstadt    (3)A10.JS  mtDNA204(Europe)

33. Herrnstadt    (3)A29.JS  mtDNA239(Europe)
A7424G    C9764T

34. Herrnstadt    (3)A69.JS  mtDNA284(Europe)

35. Herrnstadt    (3)A70.JS  mtDNA285(Europe)
A10352G  C13293T  C15885T

36. Herrnstadt    (4)A2.JS   mtDNA288(Europe)

37. Herrnstadt    (4)A46.JS  mtDNA340(Europe)
G9053A   T10410C

38. Herrnstadt    (5)A32.JS  mtDNA426(Europe)
G1211A   G6261A   G7444A   T12957C  G14305A  T14484C

39. Herrnstadt    (5)A52.JS  mtDNA451(Europe)
G9948A   G12630A

40. Herrnstadt    (5)A54.JS  mtDNA453(Europe)

41. Herrnstadt    (5)A62.JS  mtDNA462(Europe)

42. Herrnstadt    (6)A2.JS   mtDNA473(Europe)
T13404C C14125T

43. Herrnstadt    (6)A4.JS   mtDNA475(Europe)
A10754C  A15376G

44. Herrnstadt    (6)A32.JS  mtDNA503(Europe)
T7159C   T11233C  G12771A 

45. Herrnstadt    (6)A36.JS  mtDNA507(Europe)
C11953T  C12258A  T13404C

46. Herrnstadt    (6)A51.JS  mtDNA523(Europe)
T3345C   C8841T   T9117C   G10685A  A13105G 

47. Herrnstadt    (6)A56.JS  mtDNA528(Europe)

48. Herrnstadt    (6)A61.JS  mtDNA534(Europe)
A1618G   A15592G

49. Kivisild      (4)A34.JS  DQ112929.2(Asia)

50. Fraumene      A4.JS      DQ523622(Sardinia)

51. Fraumene      A5.JS      DQ523623(Sardinia)
C16067T  C16291T  T16324C 

52. Fraumene      A7.JS      DQ523625(Sardinia)
C64T     T152C  

53. Fraumene      A8.JS      DQ523626(Sardinia)

54. Fraumene      A21.JS     DQ523639(Sardinia)
A93G     A1019G   G8290A   A9033G   A9151G   C15315T  C16292T C16294T 

55. Fraumene      A25.JS     DQ523643(Sardinia)
T480C    A3615G   T8937C   G11914A  A16293G T16368C 

56. Faumene       A29.JS     DQ523647(Sardinia)
A7571C   G9966A   A16240G  A16269G 

57. Fraumene      A34.JS     DQ523652(Sardinia)

58. Fraumene      A43.JS     DQ523661(Sardinia)
A1313G   A2851G   A11200G  

59. Fraumene      A44.JS     DQ523662(Sardinia)
A3615G   T8937C   G11914A  A16293G  T16368C 

60. Fraumene      A47.JS     DQ523665(Sardinia)
A93G     A95T     C15315T   

61. Fraumene      A50.JS     DQ523668(Sardinia)
A7571C   G9966A   A16240G  A16269G 

62. Fraumene      A54.JS     DQ523672(Sardinia)
G3010A   A7571C   G9966A   A16240G  A16269G  

63. Fraumene      A56.JS     DQ523674(Sardinia)      
G3010A   A7571C   G9966A   A16240G  A16269G  

64. Fraumene      A57.JS     DQ523675(Sardinia)
T195C    T480C    A3615G   T8937C   G11914A  A16293G  T16368C 

65. Fraumene      A62.JS     DQ523680(Sardinia)
T195C    T480C    A3615G   T8937C   G11914A  A16293G  T16368C 

66. Gasparre1     A27.JS     EF660938(Italy)
T961C    G1888A   T15944. 

67. Gasparre2     A2.JS      EF660964(Italy) (incomplete)
T152C    573.C    573.C    T1452C   A3395G   T4336C   G11518A  A14687G 
C15742T  C16192T 

68. Gasparre2     A48.JS     EF661010(Italy)
C411A    T4222C   C5960T   T12811C  T13474C  T15804C  C15823T  A15860G 
T16093C  C16266T  T16311C 

69. Gasparre2     A50.JS     EF661012(Italy)
A93G     T152C    A1019G   A3243G   C4025T   G8290A   A9033G   A9151G 
A11893G  C16294T 

70. FTDNA2        A21.JS     EU150187             Haplogroup H3
A93G     T3197C   A11893G  T15412C  T16093C  


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