Haplogroup H2.

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Haplogroup H2 tree

Haplogroup H2 is a small European group.

The details of 24 sequences are:

 1. Achilli     A23.JS      AY738962(Italy)
 2. Achilli     A24.JS      AY738963(Spain)

 3. Moilanen    (1)A25.JS   AY339426(Finland)
 4. Moilanen    (1)A26.JS   AY339427(Finland)
 5. Moilanen    (1)A27.JS   AY339428(Finland)
 6. Moilanen    (1)A28.JS   AY339429(Finland)

 7. Herrnstadt  (1)A14.JS   mtDNA15(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 8. Herrnstadt  (2)A32.JS   mtDNA105(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 9. Herrnstadt  (2)A38.JS   mtDNA113(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
10. Herrnstadt  (2)A68.JS   mtDNA151(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
11. Herrnstadt  (3)A12.JS   mtDNA209(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
12. Herrnstadt  (3)A51.JS   mtDNA266(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
13. Herrnstadt  (4)A1.JS    mtDNA286(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
14. Herrnstadt  (4)A3.JS    mtDNA289(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
15. Herrnstadt  (4)A26.JS   mtDNA314(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
16. Herrnstadt  (4)A66.JS   mtDNA363(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
17. Herrnstadt  (5)A8.JS    mtDNA392(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
18. Herrnstadt  (5)A19.JS   mtDNA405(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
19. Herrnstadt  (5)A25.JS   mtDNA412(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
20. Herrnstadt  (5)A57.JS   mtDNA456(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
21. Herrnstadt  (6)A16.JS   mtDNA487(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
22. Herrnstadt  (6)A53.JS   mtDNA525(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
23. Herrnstadt  (6)A54.JS   mtDNA526(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY

24. Kivisild    (3)A9.JS    DQ112834(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY

25. FTDNA        A16.JS      EF418606

Changes from CRS of:

A263G    A8860G   A15326G 

 1. Achilli       A23.JS      AY738962(Italy)
T152C    A750G    T10810C  G16274A  T16519C 

 2. Achilli       A24.JS      AY738963(Spain)
A750G    A1842G   T11233C  G13708A  G14323A  C16291T  T16519C

 3. Moilanen      (1)A25.JS   AY339426(Finland)
310.T    T4080C   C16291T

 4. Moilanen      (1)A26.JS   AY339427(Finland)
A750G    G951A    G10172A  G10310A  C16291T  C16354T 

 5. Moilanen      (1)A27.JS   AY339428(Finland)
T152C    A750G    G951A    C6173T   T16178C  C16354T

 6. Moilanen      (1)A28.JS   AY339429(Finland)
A750G    T824C    G1462A   C2259T   T10810C  G16274A  T16519C

 7. Herrnstadt    (1)A14.JS   mtDNA15(Europe)

 8. Herrnstadt    (2)A32.JS   mtDNA105(Europe)

 9. Herrnstadt    (2)A38.JS   mtDNA113(Europe)
A750G   G951A

10. Herrnstadt    (2)A68.JS   mtDNA151(Europe)        
A1555G  C3388A

11. Herrnstadt    (3)A12.JS   mtDNA209(Europe)
A750G   A1555G    C6038T   T15784C

12. Herrnstadt    (3)A51.JS   mtDNA266(Europe)

13. Herrnstadt    (4)A1.JS    mtDNA286(Europe)
C6998T  T7561C    T10245C  A15340G

14. Herrnstadt    (4)A3.JS    mtDNA289(Europe)
A750G   T8843C    T11260C  G13708A

15. Herrnstadt    (4)A26.JS   mtDNA314(Europe)              
A750G   G951A     A4769G   G6260A   A8679G

16. Herrnstadt    (4)A66.JS   mtDNA363(Europe)
A750G   G1462A    T10810C

17. Herrnstadt    (5)A8.JS    mtDNA392(Europe)

18. Herrnstadt    (5)A19.JS   mtDNA405(Europe)
A750G   G3438A    T10810C  A10899G  A13911G

19. Herrnstadt    (5)A25.JS   mtDNA412(Europe)

20. Herrnstadt    (5)A57.JS   mtDNA456(Europe)
A750G   T8843C    G13708A

21. Herrnstadt    (6)A16.JS   mtDNA487(Europe)
A750G   G951A

22. Herrnstadt    (6)A53.JS   mtDNA525(Europe)

23. Herrnstadt    (6)A54.JS   mtDNA526(Europe)
T721C   G13958C

24. Kivisild      (3)A9.JS    DQ112834(Europe)
A750G    T8843C   G13708A

25. FTDNA         A16.JS      EF418606
C3388A   A16235G  C16291T  A16293G  C16400T