Haplogroup H13.

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Haplogroup H13 tree

Haplogroup H13 is a small European group.

The details of 11 sequences are:

 1. Achilli       A56.JS      AY738995(Italy)
 2. Achilli       A57.JS      AY738996(Italy)
 3. Achilli       A58.JS      AY738997(Italy)

 4. Coble         (1)A18.JS   AY495107(European)
 5. Coble         (1)A40.JS   AY495129(European)
 6. Coble         (1)A60.JS   AY495149(European)

 7. Palanichamy   A5.JS       AY713980(India)
 8. Palanichamy   A7.JS       AY713982(India)

 9. Moilanen      (1)A9.JS    AY339410(Finland)

10. Herrnstadt    (3)A22.JS   mtDNA231(Europe)  CODING AREA ONLY
11. Herrnstadt    (4)A18.JS   mtDNA305(Europe)  CODING AREA ONLY

12. Roostalu      A10.JS      AM263186(Lezgin)
13. Roostalu      A11.JS      AM263187(Abasara)
14. Roostalu      A12.JS      AM263188(Mingrelia)
15. Roostalu      A13.JS      AM263189(Jordan)
16. Roostalu      A14.JS      AM263190(Turk)
17. Roostalu      A15.JS      AM263191(Abazin)

19. Gasparre1     A7.JS       EF660918(Italy)
20. Gasparre1     A9.JS       EF660920(Italy)   (incomplete)
21. Gasparre1     A45.JS      EF660956(Italy)
22. Gasparre2     A26.JS      EF660988(Italy)   (incomplete)

23. FTDNA                     EU052289

24. Annunen-Rasila  A32.JS    AM260589          CODING AREA ONLY
25. Annunen-Rasila  A35.JS    AM260592          CODING AREA ONLY
26. Annunen-Rasila  A36.JS    AM260593          CODING AREA ONLY
27. Annunen-Rasila  A45.JS    AM260602.2        CODING AREA ONLY
28. Annunen-Rasila  A46.JS    AM260603          CODING AREA ONLY
29. Annunen-Rasila  A47.JS    AM260604          CODING AREA ONLY
30. Annunen-Rasila  A48.JS    AM260605          CODING AREA ONLY

31. Moilanen        (1)A8.JS  AY339409.2(Finland)

32. FTDNA3          A6.JS     EU370982(Italy)

33. Behar2008       A3.JS     EF556150
34. Behar2008       A9.JS     EF556156

35. FTDNA                     FJ560455

36. Armenia 2009

Changes from CRS of:

A263G  A750G  A1438G  A4769G  A8860G  C14872T  A15326G

- but C14872T can be variable

and allowing for various insertions at 309. and 315. & 522/523

- and the variable nature of 16519

The Mutation lists are:

 1. Achilli          A56.JS      AY738995(Italy)
A93G     C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   G13042A  T13326C  C13680T

 2. Achilli          A57.JS      AY738996(Italy)
573.C    C2259T   A4745G   C13680T

 3. Achilli          A58.JS      AY738997(Italy)
7471.C   C2259T   A4745G   C9449T   C11563T  A13542G  C13680T  A15712G  C16278T

 4. Coble            (1)A18.JS   AY495107(European)
C2259T   A4745G   C13680T

 5. Coble            (1)A40.JS   AY495129(European)
T152C    C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   T13326C  C13680T  C13851T  G14831A

 6. Coble            (1)A60.JS   AY495149(European)
C2259T   A4745G   C13680T  G14560A  G16129A

 7. Palanichamy      A5.JS       AY713980(India)
G709A    A1008G   G1768A   C2259T

 8. Palanichamy      A7.JS       AY713982(India)
573.C    C2259T   A4745G   G12771A  C13680T  A16230G

 9. Moilanen        (1)A9.JS     AY339410.2(Finland)
G709A    C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   T8588A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T
C16261T  T16311C

10. Herrnstadt      (3)A22.JS    mtDNA231(Europe)
G9755A   C13680T

11. Herrnstadt      (4)A18.JS    mtDNA305(Europe)
G7337A   T13326C  C13680T

12. Roostalu        A10.JS       AM263186(Lezgin)
G709A    A13542G  C13680T  C16193T

13. Roostalu        A11.JS       AM263187(Abasara)
T152C    T16209C  C16234T

14. Roostalu        A12.JS       AM263188(Mingrelia)  (2259 4745)
T173C    T199C    523.C    523.A    C2280T   A2730G   C4107T   G6383A   G8485A
T13635C  C16134T  T16263C  T16362C

15. Roostalu        A13.JS       AM263189(Jordan)
G709A    C2259T   T4639C   G13889A  T15001C  T16311C
16. Roostalu        A14.JS       AM263190(Turk)
A93G     A189G    G709A    C2259T   T6827C   G9489A   A15218G  G16129A  C16148T
C16256T  G16319A

17. Roostalu        A15.JS       AM263191(Abazin)
G7337A   T13326C  C13680T  T15412C  T16093C   

19. Gasparre1       A7.JS     EF660918(Italy)
C1352A   C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   T11204C  T12235C  C13680T  T15900C 

20. Gasparre1       A9.JS     EF660920(Italy)   (incomplete)
A5568G   A6116G   G6179A   G8206A   A8280G   C10202T  A11314G  A11866G  G12236A  

21. Gasparre1       A45.JS    EF660956(Italy)
T310C    C4107T   T11485C  T14182C  C16261T 

22. Gasparre2       A26.JS    EF660988(Italy)   (incomplete)
A1008G   C2259T   3571.C   A4134G   A5656G   G9575A   A12662G  A13105G  T16172C 
A16183.  C16282A  A16283C 

23. FTDNA                     EU052289
A200G    T2887Y   C4107T   T11485C  T13620C  C16261T 

24. Annunen-Rasila  A32.JS    AM260589
G709A    C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T  

25. Annunen-Rasila  A35.JS    AM260592
G709A    C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T  

26. Annunen-Rasila  A36.JS    AM260593
G709A    C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T  

27. Annunen-Rasila  A45.JS    AM260602.2
G709A    C2259T   A4745G   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T  

28. Annunen-Rasila  A46.JS    AM260603
G709A    C2259T   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T  

29. Annunen-Rasila  A47.JS    AM260604
G709A    C2259T   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T  

30. Annunen-Rasila  A48.JS    AM260605
G709A    C2259T   G7337A   A8842G   T10101C  T13326C  C13680T

31. Moilanen        (1)A8.JS   AY339409.2(Finland)
G709A    C2259T   T14857C 

32. FTDNA3          A6.JS      EU370982(Italy)
A385G    C2259T   A4745G   C9449T   C11563T  A13542G  C13680T A15712G 
C16278T  T16311C 

33. Behar2008       A3.JS      EF556150
A183G    G709A    A1008G   C2259T   A7184G   C11151T 

34. Behar2008       A9.JS      EF556156
G709A    C2259T   T4639C   5899.C   A7322G   T13762G  T15001C  T16311C 

35. FTDNA                      FJ560455
C2259T   A4745G   A6716G   A8381G   C13680T  

36. Armenia 2009
T152C    200G     4107T    11485C   12015C   13327G   14757C   16261T 
16362C   16519C 

37. D'Aurelio                  GQ891611 H13 02-NOV-2009  (Cybrid sequence)
A189G    A193G    A249G    G709A    C4577T   T6827C   T8993G   T14308C 
A15218G  C16148T  C16256T  G16319A