Haplogroup H1.

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1st. Haplogroup H1 tree

2nd. Haplogroup H1 tree

  1. Achilli     A32.JS      AY738971
  2. Achilli     A33.JS      AY738972
  3. Achilli     A34.JS      AY738973
  4. Achilli     A35.JS      AY738974
  5. Achilli     A36.JS      AY738975
  6. Achilli     A37.JS      AY738976
  7. Achilli     A38.JS      AY738977
  8. Achilli     A39.JS      AY738978
  9. Achilli     A40.JS      AY738979x
 10. Achilli     A41.JS      AY738980x
 11. Achilli     A42.JS      AY738981x
 12. Achilli     A43.JS      AY738982x

 13. Coble       (1)A4.JS    AY495094
 14. Coble       (1)A7.JS    AY495096
 15. Coble       (1)A10.JS   AY495099x
 16. Coble       (1)A11.JS   AY495100x
 17. Coble       (1)A13.JS   AY495102
 18. Coble       (1)A14.JS   AY495103x
 19. Coble       (1)A17.JS   AY495106
 20. Coble       (1)A23.JS   AY495112x
 21. Coble       (1)A24.JS   AY495113
 22. Coble       (1)A28.JS   AY495117 
 23. Coble       (1)A30.JS   AY495119x
 24. Coble       (1)A35.JS   AY495124
 25. Coble       (1)A50.JS   AY495139
 26. Coble       (1)A52.JS   AY495141
 27. Coble       (1)A55.JS   AY495144
 28. Coble       (1)A58.JS   AY495147
 29. Coble       (2)A3.JS    AY495152
 30. Coble       (2)A4.JS    AY495153
 31. Coble       (2)A8.JS    AY495157
 32. Coble       (2)A9.JS    AY495158
 33. Coble       (2)A10.JS   AY495159
 34. Coble       (2)A11.JS   AY495160
 35. Coble       (2)A12.JS   AY495161
 36. Coble       (2)A13.JS   AY495162
 37. Coble       (2)A14.JS   AY495163 
 38. Cobel       (2)A15.JS   AY495164
 39. Coble       (2)A38.JS   AY495187
 40. Coble       (2)A39.JS   AY495188
 41. Coble       (2)A40.JS   AY495189
 42. Coble       (2)A42.JS   AY495190
 43. Coble       (2)A42.JS   AY495191
 44. Coble       (2)A43.JS   AY495192
 45. Coble       (2)A44.JS   AY495193
 46. Coble       (2)A45.JS   AY495194

 47. Ingman      A19.JS      AF346981

 48. Maca-Meyer  A22.JS      AF382002
 49. Mishmar     A31.JS      AY195775

 50. Moilanen    (1)A11.JS   AY339412
 51. Moilanen    (1)A12.JS   AY339413x
 52. Moilanen    (1)A13.JS   AY339414x
 53. Moilanen    (1)A14.JS   AY339415x
 54. Moilanen    (1)A15.JS   AY339416x
 55. Moilanen    (1)A16.JS   AY339417x
 56. Moilanen    (1)A17.JS   AY339418x
 57. Moilanen    (1)A18.JS   AY339419x
 58. Moilanen    (1)A19.JS   AY339420x
 59. Moilanen    (1)A20.JS   AY339421x
 60. Moilanen    (1)A21.JS   AY339422
 61. Moilanen    (1)A22.JS   AY339423
 62. Moilanen    (1)A23.JS   AY339424
 63. Moilanen    (1)A24.JS   AY339425

 64. Kivisild    (2)A11.JS   DQ112766(Spain)    CODING AREA ONLYx
 65. Kivisild    (2)A12.JS   DQ112767(Spain)    CODING AREA ONLY
 66. Kivisild    (2)A48.JS   DQ112803(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 67. Kivisild    (2)A49.JS   DQ112804(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 68. Kivisild    (2)A50.JS   DQ112805(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 69. Kivisild    (2)A52.JS   DQ112807(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 70. Kivisild    (2)A60.JS   DQ112815(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 71. Kivisild    (2)A67.JS   DQ112822(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 72. Kivisild    (3)A2.JS    DQ112827(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 73. Kivisild    (3)A14.JS   DQ112839(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 74. Kivisild    (3)A16.JS   DQ112841(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 75. Kivisild    (3)A36.JS   DQ112861(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx
 76. Kivisild    (3)A37.JS   DQ112862(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 77. Kivisild    (3)A38.JS   DQ112863(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 78. Kivisild    (3)A55.JS   DQ112880(Asia)     CODING AREA ONLY
 79. Kivisild    (4)A42.JS   DQ112937(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 80. Kivisild    (4)A45.JS   DQ112940(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 81. Kivisild    (4)A46.JS   DQ112941(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 82. Kivisild    (4)A67.JS   DQ112962(Africa)   CODING AREA ONLY

 83. Herrnstadt  (1)A8.JS    mtDNA8(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 84. Herrnstadt  (1)A12.JS   mtDNA13(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLYx
 85. Herrnstadt  (1)A13.JS   mtDNA14(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 86. Herrnstadt  (1)A21.JS   mtDNA22(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 87. Herrnstadt  (1)A25.JS   mtDNA26(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 88. Herrnstadt  (1)A27.JS   mtDNA28(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 89. Herrnstadt  (1)A30.JS   mtDNA31(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLYx
 90. Herrnstadt  (1)A45.JS   mtDNA47(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 91. Herrnstadt  (1)A54.JS   mtDNA56(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 92. Herrnstadt  (1)A55.JS   mtDNA57(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 93. Herrnstadt  (1)A60.JS   mtDNA62(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 94. Herrnstadt  (2)A11.JS   mtDNA83(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 95. Herrnstadt  (2)A13.JS   mtDNA85(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 96. Herrnstadt  (2)A19.JS   mtDNA91(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 97. Herrnstadt  (2)A24.JS   mtDNA96(Europe)    CODING AREA ONLY
 98. Herrnstadt  (2)A29.JS   mtDNA101(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
 99. Herrnstadt  (2)A30.JS   mtDNA102(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
100. Herrnstadt  (2)A33.JS   mtDNA106(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx
101. Herrnstadt  (2)A45.JS   mtDNA121(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
102. Herrnstadt  (2)A50.JS   mtDNA126(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
103. Herrnstadt  (2)A52.JS   mtDNA128(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
104. Herrnstadt  (2)A55.JS   mtDNA131(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
105. Herrnstadt  (2)A70.JS   mtDNA154(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
106. Herrnstadt  (3)A3.JS    mtDNA168(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
107. Herrnstadt  (3)A14.JS   mtDNA221(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
108. Herrnstadt  (3)A17.JS   mtDNA226(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
109. Herrnstadt  (3)A26.JS   mtDNA236(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
110. Herrnstadt  (3)A32.JS   mtDNA245(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
111. Herrnstadt  (3)A33.JS   mtDNA246(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
112. Herrnstadt  (3)A41.JS   mtDNA255(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
113. Herrnstadt  (3)A43.JS   mtDNA257(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
114. Herrnstadt  (3)A47.JS   mtDNA261(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
115. Herrnstadt  (3)A58.JS   mtDNA273(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
116. Herrnstadt  (3)A60.JS   mtDNA275(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
117. Herrnstadt  (3)A63.JS   mtDNA278(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx
118. Herrnstadt  (4)A4.JS    mtDNA290(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
119. Herrnstadt  (4)A12.JS   mtDNA299(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
120. Herrnstadt  (4)A14.JS   mtDNA301(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
121. Herrnstadt  (4)A16.JS   mtDNA303(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
122. Herrnstadt  (4)A17.JS   mtDNA304(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
123. Herrnstadt  (4)A22.JS   mtDNA310(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
124. Herrnstadt  (4)A34.JS   mtDNA322(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
125. Herrnstadt  (4)A35.JS   mtDNA323(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
126. Herrnstadt  (4)A37.JS   mtDNA326(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
127. Herrnstadt  (4)A43.JS   mtDNA337(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
128. Herrnstadt  (4)A45.JS   mtDNA339(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
129. Herrnstadt  (4)A47.JS   mtDNA341(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
130. Herrnstadt  (4)A48.JS   mtDNA342(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
131. Herrnstadt  (4)A58.JS   mtDNA355(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
132. Herrnstadt  (5)A4.JS    mtDNA378(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
133. Herrnstadt  (5)A7.JS    mtDNA391(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx
134. Herrnstadt  (5)A11.JS   mtDNA395(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
135. Herrnstadt  (5)A23.JS   mtDNA409(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
136. Herrnstadt  (5)A28.JS   mtDNA422(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
137. Herrnstadt  (5)A43.JS   mtDNA441(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
138. Herrnstadt  (5)A45.JS   mtDNA443(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
139. Herrnstadt  (5)A46.JS   mtDNA444(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
140. Herrnstadt  (5)A50.JS   mtDNA449(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
141. Herrnstadt  (5)A53.JS   mtDNA452(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
142. Herrnstadt  (5)A56.JS   mtDNA455(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx
143. Herrnstadt  (5)A59.JS   mtDNA458(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
144. Herrnstadt  (5)A70.JS   mtDNA471(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
145. Herrnstadt  (6)A9.JS    mtDNA480(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
146. Herrnstadt  (6)A11.JS   mtDNA482(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
147. Herrnstadt  (6)A24.JS   mtDNA495(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
148. Herrnstadt  (6)A35.JS   mtDNA506(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
149. Herrnstadt  (6)A59.JS   mtDNA531(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
150. Herrnstadt  (6)A60.JS   mtDNA533(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
151. Herrnstadt  (6)A66.JS   mtDNA540(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
152. Herrnstadt  (7)A5.JS    mtDNA549(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLY
153. Herrnstadt  (7)A8.JS    mtDNA552(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx
154. Herrnstadt  (7)A15.JS   mtDNA559(Europe)   CODING AREA ONLYx

155. Malyarchuk   DQ306709(Russia)

156. FTDNA2006

158. Pereira     A7.JS       EF177411(Portugal)
159. Pereira     A17.JS      EF177421(Portugal)
160. Pereira     A21.JS      EF177425(Portugal)
161. Pereira     A23.JS      EF177427(Portugal)
162. Pereira     A24.JS      EF177428(Portugal)
163. Pereira     A28.JS      EF177432(Portugal)
164. Pereira     A32.JS      EF177436(Portugal)
165. Pereira     A42.JS      EF177446(Portugal)
166. Pereira     A43.JS      EF177447(Portugal)

167. FTDNA2007   A13.JS      EF376015(Sweden)

168. FTDNA2007(Hunt)

The common list from the CRS is:

A263G  A750G  A1438G  G3010A  A4769G  A8860G  A15326G

The mutation lists are:

- allowing for the variable 16519

- and various changes at 309 & 315 & 522 & 523.

  1. Achilli      A32.JS     AY738971(Georgia)
A73G     A1808G   G5460A   C13782T  A15817G  A16318G

  2. Achilli      A33.JS     AY738972(Italy)
A73G     T6320C   C8468T   G9921A   A14978G  A16051G  A16162G  C16259T

  3. Achilli      A34.JS     AY738973(Egypt)
G228A    T11299C  A16233G

  4. Achilli      A35.JS     AY738974(Italy)
T236C    G709A    A1900G   5899.C   A6040G   C16294T

  5. Achilli      A36.JS     AY738975(Italy)
T2483C   A3796G   5899.C   5899.C   T7870C   A8348G   G9022A   G12561A  T16189C
T16356C  T16362C

  6. Achilli      A37.JS     AY738976(Italy)

  7. Achilli      A38.JS     AY738977(Iraq)
A368G    T10003C  C16291T

  8. Achilli      A39.JS     AY738978(Italy)
A723G    A7271G   T8952C   C11549T  T16311C

  9. Achilli      A40.JS     AY738979(Italy)
G3666A   G11719A  T14287C

 10. Achilli      A41.JS     AY738980(Italy)
T4062C   T14287C  C16294T

 11. Achilli      A42.JS     AY738981(Italy)
573.C    573.C    573.C    C13943T  C16234T

 12. Achilli      A43.JS     AY738982(Italy)
G15047A  T16189C  C16234T 

 13. Coble        (1)A5.JS   AY495094(European)
G5460A   A15817G  G16472A

 14. Coble        (1)A7.JS   AY495096(European)
T477C    A2851G   G5237A   G8764A   C12858T  T13879A

 15. Coble        (1)A10.JS  AY495099(European)
A8308G   A8812G 

 16. Coble        (1)A11.JS  AY495100(European)
G9921A   A11084G 

 17. Coble        (1)A13.JS  AY495102(European)
T477C    A8803G

 18. Coble        (1)A14.JS  AY495103(European)
A7975G   C9923T

 19. Coble        (1)A17.JS  AY495106(European)
C12341T  G15323A

 20. Coble        (1)A23.JS  AY495112(European)
C4707A   A4976G   A10049G

 21. Coble        (1)A24.JS  AY495113(European)
T477C    G8764A   C12858T  G15466A
 22. Coble        (1)A28.JS  AY495117(European)

 23. Coble        (1)A30.JS  AY495119(European)
T4733C   C9290A   T10256C

 24. Coble        (1)A35.JS  AY495124(European)
C64T     T152C    T11864C  G15497A 

 25. Coble        (1)A50.JS  AY495139(European)
T152C    T477C    A8645G   T12354C

 26. Coble        (1)A52.JS  AY495141(European)
T152C    T477C    T5654C   G9025A

 27. Coble        (1)A55.JS  AY495144(European)
T152C    T11864C  G15497A

 28. Coble        (1)A58.JS  AY495147(European)
A3221G   T8705C   T9581C   T11204C  G16129A

 29. Coble        (2)A3.JS  AY495152(European)
G15323A  G16129A

 30. Coble        (2)A4.JS  AY495153(European)
T460C    T3621C   A7951G   A8701G   A12493G

 31. Coble        (2)A8.JS  AY495157(European)
T477C    A9150G   T16263C

 32. Coble        (2)A9.JS  AY495158(European)
T477C    C5945T   A9150G    T16263C

 33. Coble        (2)A10.JS AY495159(European)
T477C    A9150G   T15055C   T16263C

 34. Coble        (2)A11.JS AY495160(European)
T477C    A9150G   G9380A    T16263C

 35. Coble        (2)A12.JS AY495161(European)
T477C    A9150G   T16263C

 36. Coble        (2)A13.JS AY495162(European)
T477C    A9150G   T16263C

 37. Coble        (2)A14.JS AY495163(European)
T477C    A9150G   G9380A    G15734A  T16263C

 38. Coble        (2)A15.JS AY495164(European)
T477C    A9150G   T16263C

 39. Coble        (2)A38.JS AY495187(European)
A73G     T477C    A15325C

 40. Coble        (2)A39.JS AY495188(European)
A73G     T6365C   A16162G  T16209C

 41. Coble        (2)A40.JS  AY495189(European)
A73G     A1555G   T4639C   T6365C   G10993A  A16162G  T16209C

 42. Coble        (2)A41.JS    AY495190(European)
A73G     A1116G   T6365C   T7961C   A16162G  T16209C

 43. Coble        (2)A42.JS  AY495191(European)
A73G     G5773A   C5922T   T6365C   A16162G  T16209C

 44. Coble        (2)A43.JS  AY495192(European)
A73G     T6365C   A16162G  T16209C

 45. Coble        (2)A44.JS  AY495193(European)
A73G     C4843T   T6365C   A16162G  T16209C

 46. Coble        (2)A45.JS  AY495194(European)
A73G     T6365C   A16162G  T16209C

 47. Ingman       A19.JS     AF346981(French)   
T678C    C9356T

 48  Maca-Meyer   A22.JS     AF382002(Maragato)
A73G     A2706G   A5189G  T12245C  A12358G

 49. Mishmar      A31.JS     AY195775(Caucasian)
310.T    C320T    A3796G   T8298C  T16189C  T16356C  T16362C

 50. Moilanen     A11.JS     AY339412(Finland)
T146C    G11914A  C14482T  A14564G

 51. Moilanen     A12.JS     AY339413(Finland)
T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  T16189C

 52. Moilanen     A13.JS     AY339414(Finland)
T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  T16189C

 53. Moilanen     A14.JS     AY339415(Finland)  
T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  T16189C

 54. Moilanen     A15.JS     AY339416(Finland)
T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  T16189C

 55. Moilanen     (1)A16.JS     AY339417(Finland)
T152C    T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  T16189C

 56. Moilanen     (1)A17.JS     AY339418(Finland)
C459.    T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  A16183. T16189C

 57. Moilanen     (1)A18.JS     AY339419(Finland)
C459.    T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   T16093C  A16183. T16189C

 58. Moilanen     (1)A19.JS     AY339420(Finland)
T4452C   T7309C   A9066G   C10343T  T16093C  A16183. T16189C

 59. Moilanen     (1)A20.JS   AY339421(Finland)
T152C    A5390G   C16301T

 60. Moilanen     (1)A21.JS   AY339422(Finland)
A73G     A8271T   A16162G

 61. Moilanen     (1)A22.JS   AY339423(Finland)
A73G     A8271T   A16162G

 62. Moilanen     (1)A23.JS   AY339424(Finland)
A73G     T152C    A8271T   A16162G

 63. Moilanen     (1)A24.JS   AY339425(Finland)
A73G     A8271T   A16162G

 64. Kivisild     (2)A11.JS   DQ112766(Spain)
G9986A   C14129T  A14224G

 65. Kivisild     (2)A12.JS    DQ112767(Spain)

 66. Kivisild     (2)A48.JS    DQ112803(Europe)
T477C    A8803G   T8864C   C14407G

 67. Kivisild     (2)A49.JS    DQ112804(Europe)

 68. Kivisild     (2)A50.JS    DQ112805(Europe)
T477C    A9150G

 69. Kivisild     (2)A52.JS    DQ112807(Europe)
T477C    A9150G

 70. Kivisild     (2)A60.JS    DQ112815(Europe)
A714G    C3903T   G7762A   T8119C

 71. Kivisild     (2)A67.JS    DQ112822(Europe)
A3796G   G8994A

 72. Kivisild     (3)A2.JS     DQ112827(Europe)

 73. Kivisild     (3)A14.JS    DQ112839(Europe)
T4733C   G6755A   A13731G

 74. Kivisild     (3)A16.JS    DQ112841(Europe)
A723G    A3796G   A9007G

 75. Kivisild     (3)A36.JS    DQ112861(Europe)
A8014G   C9923T  

 76. Kivisild     (3)A37.JS    DQ112862(Europe)
A2281G   T6253C   C15589A

 77. Kivisild     (3)A38.JS    DQ112863(Europe)

 78. Kivisild     (3)A55.JS    DQ112880(Asia)
T477C    C11516T

 79. Kivisild     (4)A42.JS    DQ112937(Europe)
C7891T   T8277C   G15172A

 80. Kivisild     (4)A45.JS    DQ112940(Europe)
A2294R   C12341T  G15323A

 81. Kivisild     (4)A46.JS    DQ112941(Europe)
960.C    G1462A   C4883T   G5460A   C6314T

 82. Kivisild     (4)A67.JS    DQ112962(Africa)
G3666A   G11719A  A13966G

 83. Herrnstadt   (1)A8.JS     mtDNA8(Europe)

 84. Herrnstadt   (1)A12.JS    mtDNA13(Europe)
T3801C   T8473C

 85. Herrnstadt   (1)A13.JS    mtDNA14(Europe)

 86. Herrnstadt   (1)A21.JS    mtDNA22(Europe)
T5004C   C12858T

 87. Herrnstadt   (1)A25.JS    mtDNA26(Europe)
C3699G   C14350T

 88. Herrnstadt   (1)A27.JS    mtDNA28(Europe)

 89. Herrnstadt   (1)A30.JS    mtDNA31(Europe)

 90. Herrnstadt   (1)A45.JS    mtDNA47(Europe)

 91. Herrnstadt   (1)A54.JS    mtDNA56(Europe)
T980C    A15924G

 92. Herrnstadt   (1)A55.JS    mtDNA57(Europe)
A8470G   T13111C  G15553A

 93. Herrnstadt   (1)A60.JS    mtDNA62(Europe)
G5460A   G9554A

 94. Herrnstadt   (2)A11.JS    mtDNA83(Europe)
A3796G   T13926C  T15787C

 95. Herrnstadt   (2)A13.JS    mtDNA85(Europe)
T2352C   A5516G   A8149G   T9708C   G9804A   T9861C

 96. Herrnstadt   (2)A19.JS    mtDNA91(Europe)
T8602C   T14212C

 97. Herrnstadt   (2)A24.JS    mtDNA96(Europe)
T4639C   C5477T   T6365C   T11253C

 98. Herrnstadt   (2)A29.JS    mtDNA101(Europe)
G8839A   C15789T

 99. Herrnstadt   (2)A30.JS    mtDNA102(Europe)
G3531A   C8417A

100. Herrnstadt   (2)A33.JS    mtDNA106(Europe)
T8473C   C12966T  C13296T

101. Herrnstadt   (2)A45.JS    mtDNA121(Europe)

102. Herrnstadt   (2)A50.JS    mtDNA126(Europe)

103. Herrnstadt   (2)A52.JS    mtDNA128(Europe)
A3796G   G6182A   A14209T

104. Herrnstadt   (2)A55.JS    mtDNA131(Europe)
G8839A   A13098G  C15789T

105. Herrnstadt   (2)A70.JS    mtDNA154(Europe)

106. Herrnstadt   (3)A3.JS     mtDNA168(Europe)
A735G    T13781C

107. Herrnstadt   (3)A14.JS    mtDNA221(Europe)
G7013A   G11914A

108. Herrnstadt   (3)A17.JS    mtDNA226(Europe)

109. Herrnstadt   (3)A26.JS    mtDNA236(Europe)

110. Herrnstadt   (3)A32.JS    mtDNA245(Europe)

111. Herrnstadt   (3)A33.JS    mtDNA246(Europe)
T8618C   G9621A   A14133G

112. Herrnstadt   (3)A41.JS    mtDNA255(Europe)

113. Herrnstadt   (3)A43.JS    mtDNA257(Europe)
12311.A C14974G

114. Herrnstadt   (3)A47.JS    mtDNA261(Europe)

115. Herrnstadt   (3)A58.JS    mtDNA273(Europe)
C7927G   C7978G   A11893G

116. Herrnstadt   (3)A60.JS    mtDNA275(Europe)

117. Herrnstadt   (3)A63.JS    mtDNA278(Europe)
C1508T   G6480A   G6755A   G7830A

118. Herrnstadt   (4)A4.JS     mtDNA290(Europe)

119. Herrnstadt   (4)A12.JS    mtDNA299(Europe)
C9356T   T10187C

120. Herrnstadt   (4)A14.JS    mtDNA301(Europe)
A3505G   T5806C   T6365C

121. Herrnstadt   (4)A16.JS    mtDNA303(Europe)
G7984A   G15153A

122. Herrnstadt   (4)A17.JS    mtDNA304(Europe)
C6237A   T14470C

123. Herrnstadt   (4)A22.JS    mtDNA310(Europe)
G6249A   T8602C   T14212C

124. Herrnstadt   (4)A34.JS    mtDNA322(Europe)
G5460A   T6365C   T8602C

125. Herrnstadt   (4)A35.JS    mtDNA323(Europe)

126. Herrnstadt   (4)A37.JS    mtDNA326(Europe)
C8478T   A14251G

127. Herrnstadt   (4)A43.JS    mtDNA337(Europe)

128. Herrnstadt   (4)A45.JS    mtDNA339(Europe)
G2098A   C10169T  T12338C  G15217A

129. Herrnstadt   (4)A47.JS    mtDNA341(Europe) (15326)
G10325A T12880C

130. Herrnstadt   (4)A48.JS    mtDNA342(Europe)

131. Herrnstadt   (4)A58.JS    mtDNA355(Europe)
T3396C   C8461T

132. Herrnstadt   (5)A4.JS     mtDNA378(Europe)
G2145A   A3796G

133. Herrnstadt   (5)A7.JS     mtDNA391(Europe)

134. Herrnstadt   (5)A11.JS    mtDNA395(Europe)
C10654T  T12453C  C15589A

135. Herrnstadt   (5)A23.JS    mtDNA409(Europe)
A4767G   T8750C

136. Herrnstadt   (5)A28.JS    mtDNA422(Europe)
T4859C   A9299G   G10373A  G14016A

137. Herrnstadt   (5)A43.JS    mtDNA441(Europe)
A3796G   A15924G

138. Herrnstadt   (5)A45.JS    mtDNA443(Europe)
C6237A   A8507T   G9300A   G11611A  G15110A

139. Herrnstadt   (5)A46.JS    mtDNA444(Europe)

140. Herrnstadt   (5)A50.JS    mtDNA449(Europe)

141. Herrnstadt   (5)A53.JS    mtDNA452(Europe)
G5821A   A9150G   A11347G

142. Herrnstadt   (5)A56.JS    mtDNA455(Europe)
G3483A   C9923T   G10586A  C14766T  T14767C

143. Herrnstadt   (5)A59.JS    mtDNA458(Europe)

144. Herrnstadt   (5)A70.JS    mtDNA471(Europe)
C1009T   T4859C   G5237A   G8856A   G9948A   G14258A

145. Herrnstadt   (6)A9.JS     mtDNA480(Europe)

146. Herrnstadt   (6)A11.JS    mtDNA482(Europe)

147. Herrnstadt   (6)A24.JS    mtDNA495(Europe)
T9708C   T14971C

148. Herrnstadt   (6)A35.JS    mtDNA506(Europe)

149. Herrnstadt   (6)A59.JS    mtDNA531(Europe)
G7013A   G11914A

150. Herrnstadt   (6)A60.JS    mtDNA533(Europe)
G5563A   G8572A   C8574T   A12172G

151. Herrnstadt   (6)A66.JS    mtDNA540(Europe)

152. Herrnstadt   (7)A5.JS     mtDNA549(Europe)
A6272G   A11800G  T12011C  C13029T  G13708A  G14869A

153. Herrnstadt   (7)A8.JS     mtDNA552(Europe)

154. Herrnstadt   (7)A15.JS    mtDNA559(Europe)
T7270C   T8473C

155. Malyarchuk   DQ306709(Russia)      
T146C    G2098A   T5483C   T8380C  C13431T  T16189C

156. FTDNA2006
3316A   G5460A   14259A   16114T

158. Pereira      A7.JS        EF177411(Portugal)
T195C    A257G    T477C    G7595A   T8473C

159. Pereira      A17.JS       EF177421(Portugal)
C150T    T2385A   T4688C   T6216C   C16261T

160. Pereira      A21.JS       EF177425(Portugal)
A73G     A8224G   T16288C

161. Pereira      A23.JS       EF177427(Portugal)
C569T    A5978G   G9986A

162. Pereira      A24.JS       EF177428(Portugal)
G5460A   A8512G   C14902T

163. Pereira      A28.JS       EF177432(Portugal)
C150T    C6848T   C16320A

164. Pereira      A32.JS       EF177436(Portugal)
T152C    T2222G   T4733C   G5471A    A16240G

165. Pereira      A42.JS       EF177446(Portugal)
G8392A   T16126C

166. Pereira      A43.JS       EF177447(Portugal)
A73G    C534T     T10238C  T12738C  A14978G  A16051G  A16162G

167. FTDNA2007    A13.JS       EF376015(Sweden)
C2272T  G10685A 

168. FTDNA2007(Hunt)
T2746C   G13708A  C13746T  G15261A  A15924G  T16093C  T16189C  T16368C