Haplogroup C.

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1st. Haplogroup C tree
2nd. Haplogroup C tree

Haplogroup C is a small Eastern Asian and American group

Here are the examples of sequences for this haplogroup:
 1. Ingman        A8.JS        AF346970(Buriat)
 2. Ingman        A17.JS       AF346579(Evenki)
 3. Ingman        A29.JS       AF346991(Khirgiz)
 5. Kong          A42.JS       AY255174(Chinese)
 6. Kong                       AY255176(Chinese)

 7. Mishmar       A9.JS        AY195753.2(Evenki)
 8. Mishmar       A19.JS       AY195763.3(Koryak)
 9. Mishmar                    AY195772.2(Asia)

10. Starik.       A2.JS        AY519485.2(Evenki)
11. Starik.       A4.JS        AY519487.2(Koriak)
12. Starik.       A7.JS        AY519490.2(Nganasan)
13. Starik.       A17.JS       AY570526(Tuvli)
14. Starik.       A18.JS       AY615359(Nganasan)
15. Starik.       A19.JS       AY615360(Tofalar)
16. Starik.       A20.JS       AY615361(Ul'chi)

17. Tanaka        (1)A43.JS    AP008664 HNsq0177(Japanese)
18. Tanaka        (11)A39.JS   AP008311 TCsq0052(Japanese)

19. Herrnstadt    A2.JS        EF657631 mtDNA46(Asia)       CODING AREA ONLY
20. Herrnstadt    A12.JS       EF657314 mtDNA174(Asia)      CODING AREA ONLY
21. Herrnstadt    A28.JS       EF657355 mtDNA210(Asia)      CODING AREA ONLY
22. Herrnstadt    A67.JS       EF657639 mtDNA467(Asia)      CODING AREA ONLY

33. Kivisild      (2)A32.JS    DQ112787(Asia)               CODING AREA ONLY
35. Kivisild      (3)A33.JS    DQ112858.2(Asia)             CODING AREA ONLY

37. Kong_2006                  DQ272118
38. Kong_2006                  DQ272122  

39. L1                         DQ462234

40. Wang                       EF429136
41. Wang                       EF429137
42. Wang                       EF429138

43. Ingman_gyll                EU007839
44. Ingman_gyll                EU007850
45. Ingman_gyll                EU007875
46. Ingman_gyll                EU007879

The sequences has these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

73       263      750      1438     2706     4769     7028     8701
8860     9540     10398    10873    11719    12705    14766    15301
15326    16223

- and for the M* branch:

489      10400    14783    15043

- and for haplogroups C, Z, & M8:

4715     7196     8584     15487     16298

- and for C:

249d     3552     9545     11914     13263    14318    16327

- the variable 16519 and changes at 309-315

the mutation list is:

 1. Ingman        A8.JS      AF346970(Buriat)
2232.A   A3816G   G6026A   C9248T   G11969A  T15204C  T16249C  C16291T 

 2. Ingman        A17.JS     AF3546579(Evenki)
2232.A   G6026A   A8014G   G8485A   T8793C   A9263G   G11969A  A12672G  T13818C
T15204C  A16171G  C16344T  T16357C 

 3. Ingman        A29.JS     AF346991(Khirgiz)
T146C    2232.A   A3816G   G6026A   G8251A   G8764A   G11969A  T15204C  

 5. Kong          A42.JS     AY255174(Chinese)
T195C    C1715T   2232.A   G6026A   T7999C   G10685A  A10891G  G11969A  A12672G
T15204C  T15968C  G16129A 

 6. Kong                     AY255176(Chinese)
T146C A249- G1719A T4047C G5821A C5987T A6338G G7853A C7982T T12957C A14978G G15930A T16217C T16311C 

 7. Mishmar       A9.JS      AY195753(Evenki)
T195C    C1715T   2232.A   T3644C   C5606T   G6026A   T7999C   A8389G   C11476T
G11969A  A12672G  T15204C  A15607G  T15968C  G16129A 

 8. Mishmar       A19.JS     AY195763(Koryak)
2232.A   A3816G   G6026A   G11969A  T15204C  T16124C  A16318T 

 9. Mishmar                  AY195772.2
T146C A249- 2232.A A3816G G6026A G8251A G11969A T15204C 

10. Starik        A2.JS      AY519485(Evenki) (249A 489T 12705C)
G6026A   G11969A  C12750T  T15204C  A16171G  C16344T  T16357C 

11. Starik.       A4.JS      AY519487(Koriak) (249A 489T 12705C)
A3816G   G6026A   G11969A  C12750T  T15204C  T16124C  A16318T 

12. Starik.       A7.JS      AY519490(Nganasan) (249A 489T 12705C)
A3816G   C3992N   G6026A   T11254C  G11969A  C12750T  T15204C  T16093C 

13. Starik.       A17.JS     AY570526(Tuvli)
T146C    T710C    2232.A   A3816G   G6026A   G8251A   G11969A  A14793G  T15204C

14. Starik.       A18.JS     AY615359(Nganasan) 
595.     1718.A   A3397G   T9233C   C16148T  T16288C 

15. Starik.       A19.JS     AY615360(Tofalar) 
T195C    A234G    C1715T   2232.A   G6026A   T7999C   A8389G   C11476T  G11969A
A12672G  T15204C  A15607G  T15968C  T16093C  G16129A  A16235G  G16390A 

16. Starik.       A20.JS    AY615361(Ul'chi)    (16327)
595.C    G3591A   T4216C   C4904T   C8140T   C16261T  T16288C 

17. Tanaka        (1)A43.JS  HNsq0177(Japanese)
573.C    573.C    573.C    573.C    573.C    573.C    595.     A4562G   G9489A
T16093C  T16288C 

18. Tanaka        (11)A39.JS TCsq0052(Japanese)
A93G     A290.    A291.    C522.    A523.    T2887C   T3826C   G7598A   C9099A
T9750C   G13590A  G15773A  T16093C  C16192T  T16325C  T16356C

19. Herrnstadt    A2.JS    mtDNA46(Asia)
595.C    C7694T   T10454C

20. Herrnstadt    A12.JS   mtDNA174(Asia)
A5894G   G6261A   C7985G   A10397G  G13813A  T14215C

21. Herrnstadt    A14.JS   mtDNA177(Asia)
G1888A   C10853T  C12092T  T12414C  T15670C G15930A

22. Herrnstadt    A28.JS   mtDNA210(Asia)
G1888A   T2486C   A4315T   G12372A  A14769G  G15077A  G15119A  G15930A

23. Herrnstadt    A67.JS   mtDNA467(Asia)
597.C    A1670T   C7694T   T10454C

33. Kivisild      (2)A32.JS   DQ112787(Asia)
595.C    C3797G   T7861C   A10682G  G11902A  G13968A  A15080G

34. Kivisild      (2)A34.JS  DQ112589(America)
G1719A   G7697A   G12501A  G15106A

34a Kivisild                   DQ112846.2(America) CODING AREA ONLY
T489C A493G C522- A523- A750G A1438G G1719A A2706G T3552A A4715G A4769G
C7028T C7196A G7337A G8584A A8701G A8860G T9540C A9545G T10084C A10398G
C10400T T10873C G11447A G11719A G11914A C12705T A13263G T14318C C14766T
T14783C G15043A G15301A A15326G A15487T 

35. Kivisild      (3)A33.JS  DQ112858(Asia)
2232.A   G5821A   A6338G   G7853A   A10754G  T11839C       

36. Kivisild      (3)A63.JS  DQ112888(America)
C522.    A523.    G1888A   G12618A  A13321G  T13879C  T14581C
T15313C  G15930A 

37. Kong_2006                DQ272118
A73G A249- A263G 315.1C T489C 595.1C A750G A1438G A2706G T3552A G3591A A4715G
A4769G C4904T C7028T C7196A C8140T G8584A A8701G A8860G A9007G T9540C A9545G
A10398G C10400T T10873C G11719A G11914A C12705T A13263G T14318C C14766T T14783C
G15043A G15301A A15326G A15487T C16223T C16261T T16288C T16298C 

38. Kong_2006                  DQ272122  
A73G T146C A249- A263G 309.1C 315.1C T489C T710C A750G A1438G 2232.1A A2706G
T3552A A3816G A4231G A4715G A4769G G6026A T6221C C7028T C7196A G8251A G8584A
A8701G A8860G T9540C A9545G A10398G C10400T T10873C G11719A G11914A G11969A
C12705T A13263G G13928C T14318C C14766T T14783C G15043A T15204C G15301A A15326G
A15487T C16223T 16259.1A T16298C C16327T 

39. Li            A10.JS     DQ462234(China)
A73G    T195C   A249.   A263G   309.C   315.C   T489C   A750G   A1438G  2232.A  
A2706G  T3552A  A3816G  A4769G  T5095C  G6026A  C7028T  G7702A  G8027A  G8584A  
A8701G  A8860G  T9540C  A9545G  T10410C T10873C C11215T G11719A C12705T A13263G 
T14318C C14766T T14783C T15204C G15301A A15326G A15487T C16072T C16223T C16292T 
T16298C C16327T 


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